The White House Goes GREEN!

The White House


We are the first Kitchen & Bar in the Highlands to introduce metal straws! 

Published: 23 August, 2022

The reason why we have chosen to ditch paper straws for lovely shiny metal ones is that although paper straws are biodegradable they're still disposable materials meaning they'll pile up in landfills and they are only intended for single use. Meaning we all end up using more than one paper straw for a single drink as they quickly become soggy.

Unlike paper straws, metal straws have one important benefit - they're REUSEABLE! They are unlikely to stop working in the middle of your drink because they've bent or gotten soggy and since they're stainless steel, they won't pick up strange flavours from your drinks no matter how many different ways you use them.

PLUS they are non-toxic, stain-free, rust-proof, scratch-proof and 100% recyclable. Enjoy your delicious cocktail at The White House without a soggy straw ruining it.

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23 August, 2022 | The White House

The White House Goes GREEN!

23 March, 2022 | The White House

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